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Capa Revista Online 2015-2016Groups as pacification tools – Lazlo Antonio Avila – 2016









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Power the ever present element in all interpersonal relationships J M Sunyer 2014
Art meets Science – Amelie Noack GASI Symposium Lisbon 2014







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Using the medical model as a tool in economic learning Pedro Pontes 2013

How the Portuguese Group-Analysts handle Conflict and Aggressiveness Mario David 2013







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Adictive Vulnerability – A Neuro-Psychoanalytic Perspective Mario David 2012

Neuroscientific Impacts for the Analytic Psychotherapies – Mario David – 2012







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More than friends they were brothers – Francisco salgado – 2011

The Medusa or How an Insight Increase the Analyst leads to an Insight Incresae for the Patient -Manuela Porto – 2011








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We and the Others Fundamentalism as a Primitive Group Integration Symptom – Sebastiao Molina Sanches (2010)

Integrative Neuro-Conceptions about the Emotional Brains Development – Mario David (2010)

New Contributions on the Emotional Communication and interpersonal Interaction Within Groups Mario David (2010)

Transference and the Therapeutic Relationship working for or against it SPG March 2010

Narcissism effects and linking perspectives – is it necessary to coexist – Waldemar Fernandes (2010)

Growth Factors in the Group – Beatriz Silverio Fernandes (2010)On the Presence and Anguish of the Therapist in the Analytic Session – Carla Lam (2010)
Evil and Evilness – Isaura M. Neto e Francisco Dinis (2010)
Waldemar Fernandes (Ingles) Revistaonline 2010

Transference and Counter-Transference – Teresa Bastos Rodrigues – 2010












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Fundamentalismo-Ingles-Revisao Final enviado
Empathy Transference and Counter-transference in Groupanalysis and Groupanalytical Psychotherapy – Panel at Brasil 2006
The Group In The Unconscious Werner Knauss_Revista_SPG2005_53-62
Dream in the group_Kaj J Davidkin_Revista_SPG2005_63-69

The Affects Role for the Functioning of the Mental Apparatus – Mario David – 2007














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