Oral Presentations

Leading with Conflicts and Anger in Group Analysis – Isaura M. Neto – 15th GAS Symposium (2011)

More than friends they were brothers – Francisco Salgado (2011)

The Medusa or How an Insight Increase the Analyst leads to an Insight Incresae for the Patient –Manuela Porto (2011)

Tales from Canterbury – Kevin Power (2007)

Identification – in Life and in Training – Kristian Valbak – VIII SPG National Congress (2006)

Comments on Conference from Kristian Valbak by César V. Dinis – VIII SPG National Congress (2006)

Supervision over the Group Analytic Process – Mário David (2006)

The Equivocation of  Time, – Claudio Moraes Sarmento

Art meets Science – Amelie Noack GASI Symposium Lisbon 2014

Neuroscience and Groupanalysis an Explanatory Hypothesis Ana Nave Gas 2008

Empathy Transference and Countertransference in Groupanalysis and Groupanalytical Psychotherapy -Panel at Brasil- 2006

Empathy and Groupanalysis GAS Ana Sofia Nave

Despair Desire and Dialogue Neuro-Cientific Approach Ana Sofia Nava 14th GAS 2011

Bridges Balint Prof Pedro Pedro Pontes 2013



School for Parents – Application of Group Analysis, Patrícia Poppe, August 2017

Challenges and Changes in Analytic Group Psychotherapy with Preadolescents- Clinical Illustrations, Patrícia Poppe, July 2014

V EFPP European Congress Athens Mario David May 2012

Supervision for Group-Analysis Mario David 8 Congresso Nacional SPG 2006

IRONY LAUGHTER – CONSTRUCTION OR DEFENCE 5th EFPP Conference Adult Child and Adolescent and Group Section 2007

Emotional Communication 3 Congresso Europeu EFFP Mario David 2004