Obituary Dr. Guilherme Ferreira (27 de Março de 1937 – 30 de Janeiro de 2020)

9 Mar, 2020

Dr. Guilherme Ferreira died on the 30thJanuary 2020 in his residence due to medical complications resulting from prolonged illness.

He was one of the most prestigious and respected Group Analysts of the first generation of our Portuguese Groupanalytic Society (SPGPAG), for which Dr. Guilherme Ferreira was an exemplary reference, as well as, a person with an enormous affability, an unparalleled modesty and revealing always bonhomie and optimism towards life. He was a superior intelligence with a prodigious memory supporting an encyclopedic knowledge! He was always in a good humour and with a fine sense of humour. For us, Portuguese Group Analysts, he was a living memory of our Group Analytic Society and also towards both Foulkesian and International Group Analytic Movement! We’ve all lost a Great Man and a Fine Colleague!

Curriculum Vitae 


His groupanalytic training included a personal group-analysis, with a frequency of three sessions a week during seven years, with Prof. Eduardo L. Cortesão, the introducer of Group Analysis in Portugal, who was also a member of AGPA.; Supervision, followed during six years centered in three different groups with three different Supervisors: Prof. E. L. Cortesão  (before I was in analysis with him), Dr. Fernando Medina and Dr. João Azevedo e Silva, all of them Didactic Members of the Portuguese Group-Analytic Association. The frequency of a four year course, with a periodicity of a three hours session each week, (in which psychoanalytic, groupanalytic sociological, anthropological and group-dynamic subjects were studied) completed the training.

  1. Currently training and supervisor member of the Portuguese Group Analytic Society (since 1975).

2.  Presidentof the Portuguese Group Analytic Societyfrom 1983 till 1995.

3. Full memberof the Group Analytic Society(London) and latter on  Group-Analytic Society International(GASI).

4.  Member of the International Association of Group Psychotherapysince 1975 and of its Board of Directors (1977-1986) and (1995-2003).

5. Full member and Founder of the Portuguese Association of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy(APPSI) and, its President(since 2006).

B. Medical Career

1. Medical Doctor by the Lisbon Medicine Faculty with laude (17/20) (1961).

2. Resident in Medicine at Santa Maria Hospital (1961-64).

3. Resident in Psychiatry at Santa Maria Hospital (1964-67).

4. Classified in 1stplace when he run for a post of Psychiatry Consultant (1967).

5. Medical Consultant in the Central Dispensary of the Southern Region (1968) and at Miguel Bombarda Hospital (1969-1978).

6. Head of Psychiatric Department (the highest place in the Portuguese NHSMedical Career) (1978).

7. Head of Psychiatric Department (1978-86) and head of the training program (1983-2003) at the Miguel Bombarda Hospital.

8. Director of Miguel Bombarda Hospital (1987-1998) and its clinical Director (1988-1997).

9. Member of the American Psychiatric Association.

C. Teaching:

         1. Assistant Professor of Psychiatry in the Lisbon Medicine Faculty(1966-1972) and in the Lisbon Faculty of Medical Sciences (1972-75).

         2. Professor in the Superior Institute for applied Psychology(IPSA) where he is (or was) responsible for the following chairs or courses:

  1. Group-Analysis” (1978-2006) for the license in Psychology.

b) “Community Mental Health” for the license in “Mental Health and Community Planning, and for the “Master in Psychology and Psychopathology” till 2006/2007.

c) Currently, he was responsible for the chairs of “Psychoanalytic theories in Group” and “Analytical models of evolution and intervention in group”for the integrated “Master of Psychology”.

3. Professor at the Modern University, till 2008; he was responsible, in this University for the chairs of “Psychological intervention in groups” and “Social Anthropology” for the license in “Curative Psychopedagogy”.

  • Associations to which he belonged and functions,he performed:
  • Portuguese Group-Analytic Society (SPG – SPGPAG);
  • Group Analytic Society (London) // Group- Analytic Society International (GASI);
  • Associação Portuguesa de Psicoterapia Psicanalítica (APPSI); 
  • International Association for Group Psychotherapy (IAGP);
  • American Psychiatric Association (APA);
  • World Association for Dynamic Psychiatry (London). Member of its Governance Board and its representative in Portugal;

7. World Association for Social Psychiatry (Fellow) – President from January 1988 till November 1992; Currently, member of its Board of Trustees, of which  he was chairman from 1992 to 1996;

8. Mediterranean Sociopsychiatric Association (Fellow) and Vice-President (1980-95); President elect (1995-2000); currently its President (since 2000);

9. Sociedade Portuguesa de Psiquiatria Social (Portuguese Association for Social Psychiatry) – President 1971-83; Honorary Life President (since then);

10. World Psychiatric Association (Individual member);

11. Associação Portuguesa de Psiquiatria (Portuguese Association of Psychiatry) – President of the General Assembly (1991-96);

12. Sociedade Portuguesa de Psiquiatria e Saúde Mental (Portuguese Association of Psychiatry and Mental Health) – Member its Direction between 1972 and 1975; 

13. Liga Portuguesa de Higiene Mental (Portuguese Union for Mental Health);

14. Sociedade Portuguesa de Saúde Mental (Portuguese Association for Mental Health);

15. Sociedade Portuguesa de Reabilitação Psicossocial (Portuguese Association for Psychosocial Rehabilitation (Branch of the World Association for Psychosocial Rehabilitation) – President of the Auditor’s Committee (1994-97 and 2006-2009) and of the General Assembly (2000-2006);

16. Sociedade Portuguesa de Epidemiologia (Portuguese Society of Epidemiology); 

17. Sociedade Portuguesa de Epidemiologia Psiquiátrica (Portuguese Society of Epidemiological Psychiatry) – President of Auditor’s Committee (1988-91)

18. New York Academy of Sciences;

19. London Diplomatic Academy;

20. He was member of the Standing Committee of Presidents of International Non-Governmental Organizations concerned with Mental Health issues, 1990-1993; 

21. Temporary adviser of WHO in matters linked to psychiatric medical education and organization of psychiatric services in Romania and the African Portuguese speaking countries.

  • Congresses and Meetings 

1. He participated in around hundred Congresses and Meetings, in the majority of which he presented papers and chaired panels, seminars, symposia or free papers sessions.

2. He was the PresidentorChairman of the following Congresses:

   _The first National Congress of Group-Analysis;

_The IIndNational Congress of Group-Analysis and IIndLuso-Brasilian Congress of Group-Analysis and Analytical Group Psychotherapy;

   _The VIIthWorld Congress of Social Psychiatrythat was held in Lisbon (1978);

    _The Asiatic extension of the VIIIthWorld Congress for Social Psychiatry(that was held in Macao) (1980);

     _The 2nd, 3rdand 4thPortuguese Psychiatric Congress;

  • He was (with Nuno Afonso Ribeiro) member of the Organizing Committeeof the 1stEuropean Symposium on Group-Analysis(1970).
    • He was Chairman or Member of the Scientific or International Advisory Committeesof about fifteen other Congresses.

F. Awards

1. Doctor in Sciences (Honorary)by the Giuseppe Scicluna University, La Valletta, Malta, 1989;

2. He got the “Leonides Finiffes Award”instituted by the Pierides Foundation from Lanarca, Cyprus, for his work in the field of Social Psychiatry, 1981;

3. He was honored with a plaque, in 1992, for his work as President of the World Association for Social Psychiatry;

4. He was honored, successively, with four plaques or medalsfor his action in the organization of the XI Congress of Social Psychiatry, that was held in Rio de Janeiro, in 1986 of the XIV and XV International Congresses of Group Psychotherapy that were held respectively, in Jerusalem and Istanbul in 2000 and 2003, and IInd Mediterranean Congress for Group Psychotherapy, that took place in Athens, Greece in 2003;

5. The Administration Board of Miguel Bombarda Hospital lauded him for his action in the development and organization of the training program of psychiatry in this Hospital during his last lesson in this program, in 2002 and gave him a plaque commemorative of this fact

6. The Portuguese Government, through the Minister of Health, lauded him for his action in the Ministry and bestowed upon him the gold medal for distinguished services.

G. Books and papers presented or published:

  1. Co-authorof the book “Social Psychiatry & World Accords”, (Ed.) Masserman, J. H. Masserman, C. –  Masserman Foundation– Library of Congress  in: Publication Data, Chicago, 1992
  2. He presented, more or less, three hundred papers in Congresses, meetings, conferences, seminars, workshops and courses about psychiatric, psychotherapeutic and related subjects and, particularly:
    1. Group-Analysis and Group Psychotherapy
    1. General psychiatry and history of psychiatry
    1. Social psychiatry, community psychiatry and psychosocialrehabilitation
    1. Training in psychiatry
  3. He was or is currently member of the Editorial Board of the following scientific journals: International journal of Social PsychiatricMediterranean journal of Social PsychiatryPsicopatologia (Psychopathology), linked to the chair of Psychiatry of the Madrid Complutense UniversityAnálise Psicológica (Psychological Analysis)Grupanálise (Group-Analysis)Jornal dos Internos do Hospital Miguel Bombarda (Miguel Bombarda Residents’ Journal)Janelas Abertas (Opened Windows) (Journal of the Association for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy)
  4. He was (or is) also director of the three last ones
  5. He published the following articles:

About Group psychotherapy and group-analysis:

1) 1961 – “Sociogram’s fluctuations in a group analytic psychotherapeutic group during six months”. In: Anais Portugueses de Psiquiatria, Vol. XIII, Nº13, Dec.-1961, pp. 98-130.

2) 1968 (with J. Dias Cordeiro) – “A evolução do sociograma em dois grupos de psicoterapia. Confirmação experimental de alguns dados da teoria grupanalítica” (“Sociogram’s evolution in two psychotherapeutic groups: experimental confirmation of some data of group analytic theory”). In: Anais Portugueses de Psiquiatria, Vol. XX, Nº17, Dec.-1968, pp. 9-36.

3) 1969 a) – “Génese e evolução da psicoterapia de Grupo – A Grupanálise e as outras psicoterapias de Grupo de inspiração analítica” (“Genesis and evolution of Group Psychotherapy – Group-Analysis and the other analytical group psychotherapies”). In: Jornal do Médico, Vol. LXVII, April-1969, pp. 1050-56.

4) 1969 b) – “Grupo Comunitário em Hospital de Dia” (“Communitary group in a Day Hospital”). In: Jornal do Médico, Vol. LXIX, May-1969, pp. 317-26.

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6) 1970 a) – “Relatório das actividades da Secção de Grupanálise da Sociedade Portuguesa de Neurologia e Psiquiatria no triénio 1963-68”, (“Reports of the activities of the Group-Analytic Section of Portuguese Society of Neurology and Psychiatry from 1963 till 1965”). In: Boletim da Secção de Grupanálise da Sociedade Portuguesa de Neurologia e Psiquiatria, Nº2, May-970, pp. 7-28.

7) 1970 b) – “Relatório das actividades da Secção de Grupanálise da Sociedade Portuguesa de Neurologia e Psiquiatria no triénio 1965-68” (“Reports of the activities of the Group Analytic Section of Portuguese Society of Neurology and Psychiatry from 1965 till 1968”). In: Boletim da Secção de Grupanálise da Sociedade Portuguesa de Neurologia e Psiquiatria,Nº3, June-1970, pp. 5-31.

8) 1970 c) – “Survey in Group Psychotherapy in Portugal”. In: Group Analysis, Vol. III, Nº2, August-1970, pp. 126-8.

9) 1971 – “Communication and transference during the first steps of group analytic group”, Group Analysis,Vol. IV, Nº1, April 1971, pp. 24-30.

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34) 2006 – “The importance of S.H. Foulkes in the development of group-analysis and group psychotherapy in Portugal”. In: the Virtual Congress of Psychiatry: “The complete Works of S.H. Foulkes”, organized by Juan Campos,

About other subjects, namely Social Psychiatry

     1) 1971 – “Relatório de actividades da Secção de Psiquiatria Social da Sociedade Portuguesa de Neurologia e Psiquiatria durante o triénio 1969-71” (“Report of the activities of the Section of Social Psychiatry of the Portuguese Society of Neurology and Psychiatry from 1969 till 1971”). In: Boletim da Secção de Psiquiatria Social do S.P.N.P., Nº3, October, pp.4-27.

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3) 1972 b) – “O funcionamento duma equipa: uma experiência pessoal.” (“The fonctionment of a treamwork: a personal experience”). In: Saúde Mental, April-June-1972, pp. 75-92.

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15) 1980 b) “Significado sociológico na noção de “Urgência” em Psiquiatria e suas perspectivas de evolução futura” (“Sociological signification of the conception of “emergency” in Psychiatry and its perspective of future evolution”). In: Proceedings of the IstNational Symposium on “Emergencies in Psychiatry, pp. 338-45.

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24) 1994 b) “Contributions of the Dynamics point of view for Social Psychiatry”.In: Dynamic Psychiatry, Nº148-149 B.5-6, pp.376-80.

Lisboa, 13 de Fevereiro de 2020

Mário David e Isaura Manso Neto